truckLogistics sector today, is fraught with many inefficiencies.and is run in a highly unprofessional and unorganized manner. Neither the Customer, nor the Transporter, nor the Drivers are happy about the way the industry functions. Thus we at Amrit Enterprises aspire to create an ecosystem in intra-city logistics where all the stakeholders are in a win-win situation.

Our focus is on providing quality service to the customers through professional approach to work and make the operations more predictable. We strive to bring in efficiency ilogistics1n the system by reducing idle time for vehicles and by maintaining the vehicles in good conditions. Last but not the least we invest on our drivers and helpers. The success of the logistics operations relies to a great extent on quality drivers. Thus we train our drivers and helpers for professional conduct.


Besides this we use technology to enhance our service delivery. All our vehicles are GPS fitted and their movement can be tracked easily.